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We are not just another company selling regular street furniture. We sell street furniture that is functional, innovative and aesthetically pleasing. Our products include bollards, banner poles, flag poles, litter bins, benches and tree gratings. Our team works to provide creative solutions to meet your needs in the use of street furniture. And equally important, our range of products seek to preserve, if not enhance the harmony of the landscape, be it natural or planned and designed by man.
Fixed bollard - custom designed Cast aluminium retractable bollard Retractable type as road divider
  Retractable Stainless Steel bollard   Automatic retractable type   Removable cast iron bollard  
Access control

Whether pathway in a tree-lined park or driveway in the city, we have bollards that meet your needs. Our well-engineered and purpose designed bollards can be fixed, removable, manually or automatically retractable. They are effective, reliable and provide for the safety and convenience of all users.

Special bollards
  Rubber bollards, lighting and solar bollards, short bollards, recycled rubber bollards are some award-ining innovative bollards available. They are in stainless steel, cast aluminium, stone or rubber.
Lighting columns and poles
  For an air of festivity, we have a range of decorative lighting columns and poles from which to display banners and flags. A wide variety of designs is available to suit the theme of the environment.
Retractable panels
  No more hiding unsightly OG boxes. Our retractable panels retract into the ground when not in use and pop up automatically with the turn of a key. They are weather resistant and have high load bearing capacity.
Gratings, litter bins and benches
  Our custom-designed tree gratings, together with our litter bins and benches, provide neat, functional and attractive solutions to enhance the general environment.
Crowd control barriers
  Our indoor and outdoor queue posts and barriers, available in a choice of materials and finishes, are sturdy, durable and versatile. Our cartridges provide smooth, dependable tape retraction and come with universal lock feature.